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Best New Year’s Eve Drinks and Cocktails  

Find the best New Year’s Eve Drinks and Cocktails. Whether you’re looking for something bubbly, fruity, or festive, we’ve got you covered.

Ring in the New Year with one of these delicious, festive, and sparkling, party drinks.  From mocktails to champagne cocktails, there’s something for everyone here. So, grab your party hats and let’s get started.

Cheers to a healthy happy New Year!

Best New Year’s Eve Drinks and Cocktails

30 of The Best New Year’s Eve Drinks and Festive Cocktails

Celebrate a new signature drink to begin your New Year’s resolution. Find lots of options for classy cocktails for a perfect new beginning while you watch the ball drop in New York on the television.

Don’t forget about the Holiday Celebration during the Day. Many of these can be made with or without the alcohol for a great brunch mocktail option.

Sparkling Fruit Punch Recipe

Sparkling Fruit Punch Recipe

If you’re looking for a festive cocktail drink to serve at your next gathering, that everyone can enjoy, look no further than this sparkling fruit punch recipe. It’s easy to make and it is a crowd pleaser. Make a large batch and serve in a punch bowl.

Get the full recipe for Sparkling Fruit Punch Recipe

Crown Royal Peach Spritzer


This fruity spritzer is the perfect drink for all your celebrations; from New Year’s Even to a Brunch Celebration. It’s light, refreshing, and not too sweet. But just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Get the full recipe for Crown Royal Peach Spritzer

Amaretto Sunset Mimosas

Amaretto Sunset Mimosas

Check out this fun new twist on mimosas and an Amaretto Stone Sour! This boozy brunch beverage is a great drink to combine two delicious mixes.

Get the full recipe for Amaretto Sunset Mimosas

Sour Apple Cooler


No shaker is needed for this drink. Just add the ingredients and give it a stir.

Perfect for just one or two glasses of this refreshing beverage or mix up a large batch in a pitcher and serve a crowd for a festive Holiday Party.

Get the full recipe for Sour Apple Cooler

Fresh Fruit Sparkling Mimosa

Fresh Fruit Sparkling Mimosa Drink

Wine and champagne are expensive and the addition of the sparkling juice and fresh fruit helps the bottles go a bit further and taste so much better. Your guests will keep coming back for more of this festive drink.

Get the full recipe for Fresh Fruit Sparkling Mimosa

Blood Orange Martini with Organic Gin

Blood Orange Martini

This cocktail recipe is super simple but full of sweet citrus flavor. The orange juice and lime juice really complement each other. A simple and refreshing cocktail.

Get the full recipe for Blood Orange Martini with Organic Gin

Christmas Mocktail


A sweet, non-alcohol cotton candy drink that is a great alternative to serve at Christmas or New Year’s Eve Parties. The flavors of Sparkling Strawberry and Cotton Candy is a delicious drink everyone will love. A festive way to serve a pretty drink mocktail for a party.

Get the full recipe for Christmas Mocktail

Blueberry Mocktail


This mocktail is fruity and fun, and a decadent non-alcoholic drink perfect for any special occasion with friends and family. Made with minimal ingredients, it’s suitable for kids and adults alike.

Get the full recipe for Blueberry Mocktail

Blood Orange and Pink Gin Sparkler


A sparkling cocktail is exactly what you need to feel a little fancy or celebrate. This drink combines Prosecco, blood orange juice, Pink Gin, and lemon juice for a beautiful citrusy sweet sip.

Get the full recipe for Blood Orange and Pink Gin Sparkler

Salted Caramel Espresso Martini


This recipe is so quick and easy and results in a delicious fancy coffee-flavored vodka martini. If you love caramel coffee drinks, salted caramel, or creamy cocktails like a White Russian, this is seriously a drink made for you.  

Get the full recipe for Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail


 This winter cocktail is bold, refreshing and perfect for a New Year’s Eve Party or next day brunch.

Get the full recipe for Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail

Cranberry French 75


Let’s toast to the holiday season with this cheery cranberry French 75. Prepared with a spiced cranberry simple syrup and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, this recipe adds a festive twist on a classic Champagne cocktail. A tasty drink that is pretty served in a champagne flute garnished with rosemary sprigs and fresh cranberries. Perfect for any special occasion. 

Get the full recipe for Cranberry French 75

Sparkling Meyer Lemon Blackberry Jam Prosecco Cocktail


A wonderful combination of flavors and makes a great Christmas or New Year’s Eve cocktail. Make the Meyer lemon blackberry syrup, and you are ready for all the festivities.

Get the full recipe for Sparkling Meyer Lemon Blackberry Jam Prosecco Cocktail

Pomegranate Vanilla Sparkling Wine Cocktails


Whether you’re toasting to a fresh start or savoring the last few moments of the year that was, you’ll probably want to raise of glass of something sparkling at midnight. This elegant cocktail with pomegranate juice is just the thing to ring in the New Year.

Get the full recipe for Pomegranate Vanilla Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple-Cider-Mimosa cocktail

An easy twist on a classic drink recipe. make this for brunch with the girls or a Sunday morning in. This drink can be served traditionally or frozen and has the perfect crisp flavor.

Get the full recipe for Apple Cider Mimosa

French 76


You’ll love how this Champagne cocktail features a citrusy, pop of lemon. A bubbly that you can whip it up in just a few minutes with only a handful of ingredients. Add a lemon peel pretty garnish. Great for serving a crowd.

Get the full recipe for French 76

Minted Cranberry Champagne Cocktail


Made with a homemade cranberry juice simple syrup and touch of Chambord, this festive cranberry cocktail is perfect for many celebrations like Christmas, a New Year’s Eve party, Valentine’s Day, and even Mother’s Day.

Get the full recipe for Minted Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Brandy Alexander Drink Recipe


This sugar-free Brandy Alexander cocktail tastes heavenly, is easy to make, and it is sophisticated enough to impress your guests.

Get the full recipe for Brandy Alexander Drink Recipe

Peach Pop Bellini

Peach-Pop-Bellini in tall glass

This Peach Pop Bellini recipe brings the traditional taste of the classic cocktail with a bit of a twist. It’s the quintessential combination of sparkling wine and fruit, perfect for holidays and celebrations or just for next Sunday’s brunch.

Get the full recipe for Peach Pop Bellini

Chocolate Martini with Godiva


This Chocolate Martini with Godiva is smooth, sweet, and decedent. Make this this Godiva chocolate martini for a happy hour treat or delicious dessert cocktail.

Get the full recipe for Chocolate Martini with Godiva

Sparkling Peach Wine Float


This Sparkling Peach Wine Float is delicious, refreshing and easy to make. Great for serving your guests at parties throughout the year.

Get the full recipe for Sparkling Peach Wine Float

Party Punch: Non-Alcoholic


This fruit punch recipe is sure to be a huge hit at any upcoming celebrations you have planned. It’s packed full of juice, lemonade, and a bit of soda.

Get the full recipe for Party Punch: Non-Alcoholic

Frosty Coconut Mint Green Tea Mocktail


Take the benefits of coconut water and amp it up even further. Infuse it with some green tea, fresh mint, and ice; always ice. Just blend it all up in your blender and you have one delicious, hydrating, allergy-free, kid-friendly mocktail.

Get the full recipe for Frosty Coconut Mint Green Tea Mocktail

Cotton Candy Champagne


This fun cocktail made with champagne, orange liqueur, and cotton candy. The drink is sweetened as the cotton candy malts into the cocktail. A fun bubbly for your guests.

Get the full recipe for Cotton Candy Champagne

Apple Cider Martini


Let all the good times roll as you sip this delicious cocktail with loved ones. Create new memories together as you mingle during Holiday Parties, New Year’s Eve gatherings, brunches, or Sunday barbeques.

Get the full recipe for Apple Cider Martini

Peach Bellini


A Bellini is a light and refreshing cocktail comprised of just two simple ingredients; prosecco and peach puree. Delicious party drink for you and your friends or a relaxing day in the backyard.

Get the full recipe for Peach Bellini

Classic Kir Royale Cocktail


An easy recipe for an elegant starter to afternoon tea. Its beautiful, pale pink color makes it delightful at a bridal or baby shower. This is a great cocktail to serve right at home or for your next fancy dinner party.

Get the full recipe for Classic Kir Royale Cocktail

We hope you enjoyed these new year’s eve cocktails. Here are a few more recipe ideas for you.

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