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Welcome to the country.

We would like to tell you a bit about us. Like many of you, we have worked full-time while raising families, and farming. Treasured time together is what we love the most. 

The name really says it all. We are a mother-daughter home cooking duo, specializing in whatever is easy and healthy to put on our family’s table. We live in a rural community where our neighbors are like family. As we explore and develop new recipes, we will share them with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and that you find this site inspirational, useful, and fun.

We want to share a bit of how our family and how we got to the point of starting this recipe blog.

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Wholesome Farmhouse Recipes

Casey and Ivy the Dairy Cow
Casey and Ivy the Dairy Cow

Working in Restaurants

The summer my mom turned thirteen, she started working in a family diner. She started doing dishes and the cook quickly enlisted her as a prep cook. When the cook was too drunk to continue cooking, yup, you read that right! My mom as a young teenager had to quickly get up to speed on how to cook breakfast and lunch food fast.

When school started up in the fall again, my mom found a job at a supper club so she could continue working and going to school. She learned additional cooking skills making food that was a bit more upscale.

She did all of this while going to school and farming with her family.

Getting Married and Moving to a New Town

When my mom and dad married, they lived on the farm with my grandparents. They worked on the dairy farm as a family and soon she got a job at the local restaurant and wedding venue. They are famous for their broasted chicken dinners. This is also where she got married and my mom and dad had their wedding reception years ago!

After a few years, my mom realized she needed to attend college to get a better paying job to help support the family. So, she added that to her plate too.

Let’s fast forward over forty years…mom has had quite a few jobs in a wide variety of areas, dairy farming, restaurant, accounting, manager at an automotive repair dealership, and her own bookkeeping business. She continued going to school for many years to earn a doctorate in education and currently works as a dean at our local technical college. To top it all off, she started a successful blog a few years ago. She has always had more than one job at a time.

Overcoming Challenges

The parts I left off where those terrible things that can happen to anyone like health problems or an accident. We have had our share. One that had a huge impact on my family emotionally, physically, and financially is a car and train accident that my parents and I had when I was a baby.

It was on a country road where it was hard to see or hear a train coming. We all lived through it, but my mom had to heal the most from her injuries. She has survived cancer and continues to be a positive light in our lives.

She always worked a full-time job, somewhere part-time, and was going to school part-time. As a child growing up watching her push through and overcome many obstacles, I have been amazed and It has taught me how to persevere and make lemonade with the lemons that life sometimes deals you.

Farming Family

At a young age, I started helping do the farm chores on our dairy farm. Some of my best childhood memories come from time spent with our animals.

My mom helped with the morning and evening milking chores and had to take care of the cooking and cleaning all while working and going to school. That left me to help my dad with farming.

I would spend most of my time with at the farm helping take care of the animals, helping my dad do the field work, and learning how to fix equipment. It was so much fun to go on road trips with my dad to get parts.

Attending College

Funny story, we are such a close family that when I was attending school at our local technical college for my associates degrees, my dad signed up for a crop production program and went to school with me. He was close to sixty years old at the time!

We would ride to class together often when our schedules aligned. It was so much fun and there are so many great memories we all have. Now he has a degree too. He didn’t go on with me when I went for my bachelor’s degree. But I know he is proud of me for doing so.

Our Wedding Day with Mom and Dad
Our Wedding Day with Mom and Dad

Learning How to Cook

With all the time spent outdoors, I did not get much training in the kitchen. So, I never really learned how to cook. I knew the basics, but that was about as far as it went.

Dinnertime at our house when I was growing up was like going out to eat at a restaurant. My mom is a very good cook and there was always something good to eat at home.

We lived out in the country, so ordering take out was not usually an option. Mom did stop on her way home every now and then to bring dinner home.

Swapping Casserole Recipes

Recently, we were at a potluck and the ladies were swapping casserole recipes from memory. My mom didn’t have any, but she was busy writing up the recipes as they were rattling them off. We realized that day that we pretty much ate restaurant-type food while I was growing up. Now, mom is on a mission to learn some easy recipes too.  

Now that I am married, I am trying to improve my cooking skills. I love spending time in the kitchen with my mom.

Since my mom already had a blog, she helped me and we started this new blog together, Wholesome Farmhouse Recipes. I am learning how to cook our favorite recipes and a few tips and tricks in the kitchen too. It is my job to find new recipes for us to try out.

A blog is a great way to pass down recipes through the generations. My grandmothers on both sides had specialties that they made that were superb. We will be sharing those heritage recipes with you too.

Easy, Quick Wholesome Recipes

While I learn from mom and she tries new recipes with me, we want to share our food and recipe journey with you.

We created this website to help cooks like us find wholesome recipes that are simple, easy, and quick to make while still being unbelievably delicious. Our recipes are a bit of our family heritage, old recipes from the recipe box, and new recipes that we are continually trying out. We like to mix the traditional with the modern.

Our goal is to sneak in healthy options whenever possible, as well as money saving ideas such as reimagining dinner from leftovers. We often make things from scratch but are all about saving time in the kitchen too. Food is our passion, and we want to share our passion with you. 

We hope you’ll find something you’ll love.

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