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How Long do Grapes Last

Have you ever wondered how long grapes last? Let’s explore the shelf life of this delicious fruit and provide some tips on how to extend their life.

They are a popular fruit. Have you ever gone to the store to buy fresh fruit, only to come home and find that they’ve already started to go bad? It can be frustrating when you’re trying to stock up on a healthy snack, but don’t know how long they’ll last.

If you’re like me, you enjoy snacking on fresh grapes from time to time. They’re a healthy and convenient fresh fruit option. However, they are best when they are fresh. After a while, they can become squishy and soft.

If you store grapes on the counter, they will last up to three days. They can spoil rather quickly in room temperature on the kitchen counter.

Whether you want to stock up on fruit for the week or just need a quick snack, read on for all the information you need.

How Long do Grapes Last

How Long do Grapes Last in the Refrigerator?

In general, grapes will last two weeks in the refrigerator. However, there are simple things you can do to help them last even longer and keeping them plump and crispy when you bite into them. They just seem to taste better too.

Different Types of Grapes Will Have Different Shelf Lives

In general, the shelf life of grapes is two weeks when stored in the fridge. It is the best place to store to keep them fresh longer. However, each variety has a different shelf life.  

The green grape can last up to two months. They are the best to choose if you are looking for the longest storage.

Next is the black grape at approximately one month. Followed by the red grape at three weeks. The white and seedless grapes tend to last up to four or five days.

How to Make Grapes Last Longer

I get upset when I stock up on grapes only to have them go bad. I finally figured out a few things I could do to help make them last longer and stay pump and fresh too.

Check out this guide for tips on the best way to make your grapes last longer. These tips will work for red grapes or green grapes.

Store in the Coldest Part of the Refrigerator. They thrive in the cooler temperatures. Often the back of the fruit and vegetable drawers are the coldest. However, in my refrigerator, I have found it is the second shelf along the freezer side.

Store Unwashed. This may seem counterintuitive but keeping them dry is key. Any moisture can cause them to rot and decay more quickly. Therefore, unwashed grapes will stay fresh longer. Wash them just before eating them using cool water in a colander.

Keep Ventilated. If you notice, the bags and containers that they come in at the grocery store or local market often have tiny holes for air circulation. The growers know this is an ideal environment for grapes as they need to breath. If you happen to use a plastic bag or other airtight container, this can create humidity, which can cause the fruit to spoil faster. Therefore, store them in the bag they came in or another vented container. These containers all work well, a paper bag, reusable cloth bag, or a reusable cotton bag.

Additional Fresh Fruit Storage Basics

Add Paper Towel to the Storage Container. Another way to reduce the excess moisture is to add a paper towel to the storage container and replace it every few days. This keeps the grapes happy in their dry environment. They will stay fresher longer and plumper too.

Remove any Spoiled Fruit. Just one or two rotten grapes can cause the whole bunch to rot quicker. Therefore, before storing or purchasing at the store, make sure to look for any spoiled grapes. If you have purchase them already, make sure to carefully check them over and remove any spoilage before storing.

Avoid Placing Them Near Strong Odors. Grapes easily absorb other odors. Therefore, keep them away from onions, garlic, and other foods with strong odors.

How to Store Grapes

Stored properly, grapes can last up to three to four weeks or more. Store them in a refrigerated and dry environment. A well-ventilated container in the crisper drawer works well.

Grapes from the local market

How to Choose Grapes

When choosing grapes, here are a few things to look for.

Stem Attachment. First, look for grapes that are attached to the stem. The stem should not be dry and brittle. If the fruit fall off too easily, they are already getting close to past their prime. Therefore, look for fruit that is firmly attached to a fresh-looking stem.

Plump Fruit. Next, look at the shape of the fruit. They should be plump and round. If they are starting to shrivel or become sunken looking, they are already getting old.

Watch for Mold or Brown Discoloration. Look for signs of spoilage such as discolored and moldy grapes, which should be avoided. However, the thin white film on the fruit is a good thing. It naturally protects the them from rotting too quickly.

What is the White Coloring on Grapes?

The white coloring on the grape is called Bloom and it is produced by the fruit itself. The fruit forms a waxy barrier to help protect it from moisture and decay.

Red Grapes with Bloom on them

How to Freeze Grapes

These little gems are easy to freeze, and they will last a long time. Before freezing, remove the fruit from the stem, wash and dry them. Them place them in a single layer on a baking sheet. Freeze until firm. Normally three to five hours. Once frozen, they can be placed in a freezer bag or other freezer safe container. They will stay fresh up to one year in the freezer.

How to Use Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are great added to a beverage as an ice cube. Here are a few different ways we enjoy them. They can be added to smoothies, as a blended sorbet, or frozen appetizer. I find that the seedless varieties work best for these recipes.

Cook them up, add some sugar and lemon, and turn them into a grape jelly or juice.

How to Tell if Grapes are Bad

If they have are soft, wrinkled, and shriveled looking they should be discarded.

If they have discolored spots, whether brown or white mold, they should be discarded. Grapes in general do not have a strong odor. Therefore, if they smell a bit like vinegar or another off putting scent, they are rotten and should be discarded.

Grapes from the local market
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How to Make Grapes Last Longer

I get upset when I stock up on grapes only to have them go bad. I finally figured out a few things I could do to help make them last longer and stay pump and fresh too. Check out this guide for tips on the best way to make your grapes last longer. These tips will work for red grapes or green grapes.


  • White Grapes
  • Red Grapes
  • Seedless Grapes


  • Store in the Coldest Part of the Refrigerator.
  • Store Unwashed.
  • Keep Ventilated.
  • Add Paper Towel to the Storage Container.
  • Remove any Spoiled Fruit.
  • Avoid Placing Them Near Strong Odors.


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