Why Can't I Keep My Charcoal Grill Lit?

common reasons why you might struggle to maintain a steady fire

Insufficient Airflow

Charcoal requires oxygen to burn and produce the desired heat.

open vents on your grill are open to allow a continuous supply of oxygen

Damp Charcoal

The quality of the charcoal is crucial.

Old Charcoal and moisture is the enemy of fire

store your charcoal in a dry place or use airtight containers to keep them dry and ready for grilling.

Improper Lighting Techniques

Avoid using lighter fluid or other accelerants

they can produce unpleasant flavors and make it harder to maintain a consistent fire

Use a charcoal chimney starter

fill it with charcoal, place a fire starter or crumpled newspaper or paper towels beneath it, and light it.

· Airflow · Dry charcoal · Proper lighting charcoal techniques

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